A Guide to the Copses, Woods, and Forests of Britain
A Domesday of Woods

A Domesday of Woods

Small Woods has promoted The Forest Book to its membership in great style.

Your chance to be part of it [a Domesday of woods].

SmallWoods, autumn 2020
The cover of the autumn 2020 issue of SmallWoods

The project features prominently on the cover of the autumn issue of SmallWoods magazine (also featuring one of my photographs), while inside a double-page spread allowed me to explain more about my motivations for writing the book and how Small Woods members may want to get involved by contributing their stories.

SmallWoods is pleased to support this major project and encourage all members to consider taking part.

Small Woods, autumn 2020

If you own a woodland and are interested in joining a membership organisation, be sure to take at a good look at Smallwoods and the support it offers members in the form of training, advice, news and more.

I am very grateful to SmallWoods for their fantastic support.

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