A Guide to the Copses, Woods, and Forests of Britain
Launch of The Forest Book project

Launch of The Forest Book project

I am excited to launch www.copsewoodforest.com and news of my next work of non-fiction which will be a guide to Britain’s forests, woods and copses. Currently no one knows how many named wooded areas there are in Britain, let alone all their histories, designations, public access, or unique wildlife and other features.

I am under no illusions how much work this will entail, which is why I am turning to the public and landowners to ask for their help. I am asking members of the public to propose entries into the guide, and for woodland owners or their representatives to enter information directly.


I’ve launched this new website to help promote the project and gather support. Please help me by completing a form and promoting the project with any of your friends: www.copsewoodforest.com

You can also follow the project on Twitter @copsewoodforest

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