A Guide to the Copses, Woods, and Forests of Britain
The Forest Guide


This form is designed to collect registrations of copses, woods, and forests directly by their owners or managers for inclusion in The Forest Guide.

The majority of Britain’s tens of thousands of copses, woods, and forests are owned by private landowners, not by public bodies such as the Forestry Commission (England), Forestry and Land Scotland, or Natural Resources Wales. Every site is an expression of the vision and hard work of these private owners, providing wonderful benefits to society and nature for little private gain other than enjoyment.

If you are a private forest owner, please use the form below to register your entry (members of the public should use this form instead). Any data submitted will be managed in fulfilment of the General Data Protection Regulations by the author. Personal data will NOT be made available publicly or in any form to any third party (i.e. such as any sponsor) without the express agreement of the contributor. Read my Privacy Policy.

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In what capacity are you submitting this form?
You confirm that you are completing this form with the knowledge and permission of the land owner - OR - The landowner is an organisation whose ownership is already in the public domain.

About the Owner

Information about the legal owner of the property. Unless expressly agreed, this name will never be released or published in any form.
If you answer YES, then your name may be listed publicly as the legal owner of the woodland property. Your contact details will not be listed publicly nor shared with any third parties.
Please detail the name of the copse, wood, or forest. Write this precisely as you would want it to be published, observing capitalisation and double checking its spelling.
If you have a website which includes information about the woodland or forest, please provide the url. You will need to add http:// before www. etc. The easiest way to do this is to browse to the website and copy the whole url by right clicking on it.


Enter a numerical date, as in 1921 or 2009
I am interested in any interesting long histories of ownership, unusual means by which you came into ownership, or if you are new owner what motivated you to buy a woodland, and more . . . Please keep your answers as concise as possible. I can always follow up directly to seek further details.

Your Copse, Wood, of Forest Property

Please provide a six figure grid reference for the centre of the woodland/forest. This should contain 8 digits comprising two capital letters followed by six numbers. e.g. AB123456.
Visit GridReferenceFinder for help locating your site. After zooming in on the map, right click on the map to reveal the grid reference.
Which country is the wood or forest located in? Your selection here will present a range of counties for the next question.
Please answer in hectares. If you know the answer in acres, simply divide that figure by 2.47 to calculate the hectare figure.
Are there any designations on the woodland or forest? Examples include a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), National or Local Nature Reserve, Historic Feature etc.
Do you know the earliest record for the woodland or forest, or perhaps you planted it yourself? Please type in the year if you know it (e.g. 1951), the century, or otherwise write 'unknown'. Max 100 words.
Please choose the option which best describes your woodland or forest?
Your woodland is probably dominated by 1-3 species, please add these below separated by a comma. e.g. pedunculate oak, Douglas-fir
This is a multiple choice question, so you can answer YES to both Public rights of way and Other.
Each woodland/forest entry in the guide may be reduced to a series of abbreviations or symbols. The 'notes' section may be the only text which will inform the reader about the unique and special features of your woodland. You might want to mention specific wildlife, special trees, annual events etc. Answers are limited to 100 words. You might find it easiest to create your entry in Word which offers a word count, and then copy and paste it here.
Would you be interested in you or your woodland being featured in the book? This could take the form of photos and/or an interview.
You may leave a message to the author here if you wish.

Thank You