A Guide to the Copses, Woods, and Forests of Britain
The Forest Guide


The Forest Guide is a labour of love that will take considerable time to research and write. In return for financial support from donors I’m pleased to offer some enticing perks.

To help cover the costs of research, and to support the running of this website, I am looking for financial donations from supporters and investments from future readers:

  • SUPPORTER – a donation of £10 will help towards the running costs of the project.
    • All Supporters will be acknowledged by name in the guidebook series unless they choose to remain anonymous.
  • PATRON – an investment of £100 will make a substantial contribution towards my research work in this project. In return, each Patron will receive a signed copy of a guidebook from the series. This is a form of private crowdfunding without the author paying fees to one of the large crowdfunding websites. Investments received will be held in a business bank account and designated to this project, following the UKCFA Code of Conduct.
    • All Patrons will be listed in a special dedicated page(s) at the front of the guidebook series.
    • Choose your own name, the name of a woodland if you own one, or even dedicate it to someone special as a unique gift.
    • All Patrons will receive a copy of their choice from one of the guidebook series, signed personally by the author.

If you are able, please support this project by completing the form below. Thank you.

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